The Jubilee Campaign seeks a local economy that serves, and is measured by, the well-being of all of its citizens. One part of this effort is about the Old Testament idea of a Jubilee Year. Every seven years and every seven times seven years the debts are released. Historically this includes resting the land, gleaning of the harvest and in these times forgiving the debts of the poor.

The Jubilee task is to engage and explore the landscape of moral confusion and sacred obligation.  It is a project of consciousness and commitment.  It is not as simple as forgiving debt; that is only the beginning of the conversation.  Jubilee is a communal enterprise, for many an expression of faith and religion that commands attention and generosity.

The covenant begins in our own personal lives and demands an in-depth reflection of our relationship with money, debt, the economy as we know it, neighborhood, community and the common good.  Yet the journey quickly expands to creating a local coalition in Cincinnati of the faith community, neighbors and neighborhood leadership, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, government, corporations and social service institutions to support debt release and support expanded local economic productivity to several vulnerable neighborhoods in Cincinnati.  We seek to create conditions under which forgiving debts of neighbors, welcoming them in from exile and supporting their productive capacity becomes a common task and a common purpose.