The circle will seek to identify local groups and/or individuals who wish to invest in area enterprises devoted to the common good.  Members also will investigate time banking, peer-to-peer lending, mini-grants and business incubator groups. All interested in participating with this work circle should contact Mac Johnson.

Check back regularly for news and events from the Generous Structures work group!

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Neighborhood Connections: This work circle is working to discover and build on the strengths of neighborhoods across the city to turn residents into producers and not just consumers.

Local Cooperatives: This work circle wants to identify all the cooperative businesses in the Cincinnati region, and find ways to strengthen their market visibility, and connect them with capital and strategy resources. 

Generous Structures: This work circle is dedicated to exploring alternative forms of raising capital and best practices for supporting existing alternatives for housing.

2019 Jubilee Project: This work circle is working to begin a movement to forgive the debts of the poor by 2019, using the theme of a Jubilee Year..

Resources (formerly Books/Videos): Identify and study books and videos and other media which address new economics thinking and alternative structures, and share with the entire ECI community.