Getting Right with Money and The Jubilee Economy

Getting Right with Money and The Jubilee Economy

Join us in August as we continue our Jubilee conversation about "Getting Right with The Consumer Economy," with the Economics of Compassion Initiative on August 10, 2017, from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm featuring Senior Pastor of the Truth & Destiny Covenant Ministries Fellowship United Church of Christ. The event will be hosted at First Unitarian Church, 536 Linton Street, Cincinnati, OH 45219. Please register at the following link;
Author and Community Advocate, Peter Block, will be facilitating the conversation. 

What is Jubilee? A compassionate or Jubilee economy begins with the idea of debt forgiveness and then goes deeper to welcome all in from exile. We have a choice to shift our thinking and construct an economy that is co-operative, communal and generous.

Pastor Jones will give us her insights into the Theology of Jubilee and how we are challenged with the concept and practice in our daily lives. Liz Kitchell will join us and speak about her experiences and work as it relates to Jubilee in practice. As a money empowerment coach, Liz helps individuals and businesses evolve and grow. She has worked in the financial industry for 22 years. Liz realized that unless you identify your emotions and barriers to financial freedom those qualitative tools of traditional financial firms only take you so far.

Dr. Claver Pashi will also join us representing the Jurisdiction Resident Advisory Board (J-Rab) to discuss the successful effort J-Rab has had in creating over 30 entrepreneurs and businesses. J-Rab is an association that advocates for social justice representing over 14,000 public housing residents in Cincinnati.

Our Jubilee Forums convene a range of citizens, business, social service, faith and neighborhood people, to identify and begin to shift the landscape of credit and debt in our neighborhoods. It is a project of consciousness and commitment.
Free parking will be located in the lot across from First Unitarian Church at 536 Linton Street, Cincinnati, OH 45219. Light Food and refreshments will be provided.

Please contact the Director of Operations for the Economics of Compassion Initiative, Derek Peebles at for more information or visit our website at