Jubilee and the Consumer Economy – Community Forum


The Economics of Compassion Initiative will host a free Community Forum and Conversation, “Jubilee and the Consumer Economy”, on December 7, 2016 at 6:00pm with Old Testament Scholar and Theologian, Dr. Walter Brueggeman, and Author of “The Abundant Community”, Peter Block. The event will be held in the Huenefeld Tower Room at the Downtown Cincinnati Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. The event will also feature community advocate, Dureka Bonds and Reverend Thomas Hargis.

In Cincinnati there is an initiative which seeks a local economy, served and measured by the well-being of all its citizens. One part of this effort is about the Old Testament idea of a Jubilee Year. Every seven years and every seven times seven years the debts are released. Historically, this includes resting the land, gleaning of the harvest and in these times forgiving the debts of the poor. The covenant begins in our personal lives and demands an in-depth reflection of our relationship with money, debt, the economy as we know it, neighborhood, community and the common good.

Dr. Walter Brueggeman will give us perspective on the inconvenient truths of what people ignore about the bible in relation to money. The Jubilee Forums will engage and explore the landscape of moral confusion and sacred obligation. It is a project of consciousness and commitment. Yet, the journey quickly expands to creating a local coalition in Cincinnati of the faith community, neighbors and neighborhood leadership, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, independent businesses, government, corporations and social service institutions to support local economic productivity to several vulnerable neighborhoods in Cincinnati.

Please join us on December 7, 2016 by registering on the following link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2016-jubilee-forum-tickets-28642996975

Economics of Compassion Initiative is a Cincinnati based organization, 501(c3), of thought leaders, pastoral leaders, business professionals, community leaders and advocates working to create and support a resilient economy for all citizens. Our special commitment is offer people on the margin of the current economic system more control over their lives.

Please contact the Director of Operations for the Economics of Compassion Initiative, Derek Peebles at peeblesd11@gmail.com for more information on the event and how to get involved with the Economics of Compassion Initiative. The Downtown Cincinnati Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County is the venue for this event, and not a sponsor of the Initiative.